Bagasse Sugarcane

Bagasse is made from crushed sugarcane fibers, is biodegradable and compostable. The crushed fibers go through a pulping process similar to making paper/cardboard. That’s why Bagasse products have the look of recycled paper products, but it is TREE FREE. During the manufacturing process, it goes through high heat and pressure, so it is FDA proof.

Bagasse can compost in 60-120 days, can be used for backyard compost. Our Bagasse products are freezer and microwave safe up to 200F. These items are great for corporate cafeteria, takeout food, events and gathering when disposable products are necessary; used on hot food, cold food and grease resistant. ASTM D6868 and EN13432, Non-Toxic, Renewable, Recyclable, Sustainable.

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