Pressed Palm Leaf and Bamboo

Sturdy, leak-resistant and made in India from fallen palm leaves pressed by steam. Biodegradable, compostable, disposable and washable. They are completely organic. Stylish, beautiful, and strong made from a completely renewable resource. Refrigerator, freezer and heat safe.

100% natural, only fallen palm leaf and water are used in the process of making pressed leaf plates and bowls. Once collected, they are pressure washed, scrubbed, sundried, and compressed. Any surplus is utilized without any waste. No coatings, waxes, or chemicals added to the surface of the plates and bowls. Finally, all are sterilized to produce non-toxic eco-friendly tableware. Only water is used in the shaping and sterilizing process, which means our palm leaf plates are completely free of harmful chemicals and toxicants. Excess water is used for agriculture and leftover pieces of leaves are composted and put back into the agriculture.
USDA Certified.

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